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Engaging Gameplay

Relatable and fun stories that draw you in and keep your wanting more.

Seamless Checks

Understanding checks created seamlessly within the storyline so you don't feel like you're being tested.

Mobile Optimized

Play from your tablet, phone or laptop — built for mobile native experiences.


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Fun Training

Reimagined Training for Your Team

Trainings are meant to be fun, and we're bringing a personalised training strategy that works.

  • Quick, if you know your content
  • Relatable and clear stories
  • Learning through a game

Easy Admin

Easy Administration

No more clicking around aimlessly trying to figure out how to send out trainings.

  • Smart lists
  • Integration to active directory
  • Bulk apply

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Measurable Impact

Watch your teams as they grow to understand deeper cybersecurity concepts to make your company safer.

  • Difficult concepts made relatable
  • Simplifying and demystifying topics
  • Security goals reached

Topics Covered

We cover a whole host of topics in our trainings.

Topics Covered





Email Scams


Social Engineering


Removable Media


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